Virtual Meeting Information and Instructions

Virtual Meeting Instructions

We invite all poster presenters to participate in Virtual Meeting by submitting a PowerPoint presentation of your poster through the Faculty and Presenter Headquarters website (login information included in your abstract notification).

By submitting your poster presentation electronically, your poster will be accessible to thousands of attendees throughout the meeting, at their convenience. This provides added exposure to your poster, on top of the general poster or poster discussion presentation time slotted to you.  Poster presentations need to be uploaded by the end of the symposium. Participation is optional, and encouraged. 

Preparing Your Presentation

  • Your submission should be formatted in a sequence of power point slides, as if though you were presenting orally. It should not be a PDF/picture of your poster.
  • Avoid animation and unnecessary graphics.
  • Have a minimum of 5 slides and no more than 50 slides.
  • Submit only ONE file.



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