Man reading printed program


The 2017 Genitourinary Cancers Symposium featured an array of multidisciplinary sessions covering prostate, renal, urothelial, testicular, penile, and urethral cancers. The program emphasized value in cancer care and featured extended question and answer periods for more robust audience participation. 

Session topics included "Advances in and Guidelines for Active Surveillance of Prostate Cancer," as well as presentations by experts on our understanding of the molecular evolution and progression of the prostate cancer. Other topics included "Optimizing Outcomes with Radical Cystectomy," "Advances in the Treatment of Metastatic Bladder Cancer," and "Opportunities and Challenges Associated with Systemic Therapy for Advanced Renal Cancer." 

Interspersed throughout the program were case-based discussions and debates with panelists representing a range of subspecialties. Topics for these sessions included "Challenging Cases in High Risk, Recurrent, and Advanced Prostate Cancer," "Controversies in the Management of Advanced Testicular Cancer," and "How Best to Treat Locally/Regionally Advanced Penile Cancer: Radiation vs. Surgery." Subspecialties represented on these and other panels in the program included medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgery, urology, and pathology.