Presenters / Faculty

Session Description

Rapid Fire Abstract Sessions provide additional opportunities for attendees to present the latest research in Genitourinary Cancers. Featuring 5-minute abstract presentations with dedicated question and answer panels, abstracts are grouped thematically for optimal discussion.

Presentation Format

  • Rapid Fire Abstract Session presenters will have 5 minutes to give their presentation. 
  • A Disclosure slide will be automatically created by ASCO based on information provided during the Abstract Submission process and will be shown immediately before the presentation. Rapid Fire Abstract Session presenters do not need to create their own Disclosure slide. 
  • A panel question and answer period will take place after several thematically grouped abstract presentations. 
  • Rapid Fire Abstract Session presenters are also asked to put together a poster for the Poster Session taking place on the same day as their Rapid Fire Abstract Session presentation. 

All presentations at this year's Symposium will be in widescreen format. To take full advantage of the widescreen format, we recommend that you build or convert your presentation to 16:9.  For your convenience, the official Meeting PowerPoint template is in widescreen format.

Download detailed guidelines and technical recommendations. 

If you have questions or special requests about the audio-visual setup for your presentation, please contact ASCO Staff.

Upload Instructions and Deadlines


  • Rapid Fire Abstract Session presenters should upload their slides using the Speaker Center Website. Once logged in, presenters should click the My Presentations tab, then their abstract title. At the top of the page there is a button to View/Upload Presentations.
  • In addition to the Rapid Fire Abstract Presentation, presenters are asked to create a poster to hang in Poster Session taking place the same day. Presenters can also upload an ePoster via the Speaker Center website. Presenters should upload their ePoster by February 10, 2018. 


  • Rapid Fire Abstract Session presenters should upload their slides no later than Wednesday, January 24, 2018. Presenters should upload their ePoster by February 10, 2018. 


Please designate one presenter; we do not allow multiple presenters. Please do not combine multiple presenters’ PowerPoint presentations into one file and submit it under one name. The disclosure system requires separate presentations to be launched for each presenter.

Important Presentation Information
  • Copyright: If your slides contain images, illustrations, figures, tables, or text that has been published elsewhere or comes from another source, you are responsible for requesting and securing advance permission from the copyright holder to include the material in your slides and authorize ASCO to record the presentation.
  • HIPAA: Remember to remove all patient identifying information from your slides. If your slides contain images or information about patients or other individuals, you are responsible for obtaining appropriate patient consent (including HIPAA authorization if applicable) to include the material in your slides and authorize ASCO to record the presentation.
  • Prior Publication: If you or others plan to publish the data contained in your presentation, you are responsible for communicating with the publisher to determine whether the recording of your presentation for use in the Meeting Videos and Slides and elsewhere will be considered prior publication.
Federally Funded Research
  • Presenters whose research received federal funding (either in whole or in part) are encouraged to use ASCO’s trademarked “Federally Funded Research” badge on their slide presentations.​
  • ASCO created the badge to raise awareness of the importance of federally funded biomedical research. Download the badge file and review further information on its use.
At the Symposium

Rapid Fire Abstract Session presenters should review their presentation in the Faculty Registration and Presenter Ready Room no later than 2 hours prior to their scheduled presentation. The Ready Room will be staffed with technicians who can assist with any compatibility or formatting issues. Be sure to use the mouse to advance your slides, not the keyboard, as you will only have a mouse at the lectern to advance your presentation. Left click advances the slides; right click goes back. Be sure to print any notes you expect to need; the “Presenter” view with notes will not be available.

Faculty Registration and Ready Room Hours of Operation
Wednesday, February 7 Thursday, February 8 Friday, February 9 Saturday, February 10